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Ikhedut Portal Online Arji 2022-23 | ikhedut gujarat gov in | Ikhedut Portal New Registration | Ikhedut Portal Khetivadi Yojana | Online forms of more than 49 schemes on iKhedut portal. I Farmer Portal Scheme List 2022

I Farmer Portal has actually been produced by Gujarat Government for the benefit of farmers. Farmers can likewise use online to avail different plans on Ikhedut Site 2022. So that farmers can take optimum benefit of the plan and obtain even more crop manufacturing by adopting various approaches in their farming. With this in mind, the government has actually lately launched an online application on Ikhedut Site for the year 2022-23. Today we will certainly get detailed info concerning ikhedut portal 2022 New Checklist with this article.

What is Ikhedut ?

Ikhedut Portal is a web portal for farmers. Various schemes for farmers of Gujarat are placed on this online portal. Farmers can apply online from the portal sitting at home. In which many schemes of different departments are running. Such as agriculture schemes, animal husbandry schemes, horticulture department schemes. And Fisheries Scheme can also fill online form. Ikhedut Portal New Registration of many schemes of Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. and Atma Project .

Ikhedut Portal

The letter dated 16/02/2022 from the Director of Farming, Gandhinagar mentions that IKHEDUT should be re-introduced for an overall of 49 parts. Records needed for ikhedut Website Registration. The applicant needs to use online. After applying online, the print of the application ought to be conserved. Farmers will certainly have to purchase within the stipulated time frame if prior authorization is provided by the division. Then the print in addition to the required files will have to be sent.

The name of the articleiKhedut Portal 2022
The language of the articleEnglish and Gujarati
The purpose of the plan
To give the benefit of agricultural schemes to the farmers of Gujarat
BeneficiaryFarmers of Gujarat
Total plansA total of 49 agriculture
department schemes will be launched on i-farmer portal
Online application dateDated 21/02/2022 to 21/03/2022
Official WebsiteClick Here
Online ApplyApply Now

First off, ikhedut Portal has actually been made online for very easy access to different assistance plans of the Agriculture Division of the central Government of Gujarat. The on-line application for various plans for the year 2022-23 has actually been begun on i-farmer portal. Furthermore, the state government desires the farmers of the state to get optimal take advantage of numerous help schemes of the farming department. Which is the purpose.

The I-Farmer web-portal will be open for online application by farmers from 21-02-2022 to 21-03-2022 . With this in mind, all the farmers in the state will be able to register their schemes online as per their requirement.

Today, on the internet application for the year 2022-23 will be launched on I khedut Site. For which farmer portal will continue from 21-02-2022 to 21-03-2022. Throughout this moment farmers will certainly have the ability to use online for different farming systems. This site offers details concerning numerous schemes in ikhedut Portal Classification. The following is a checklist of plans launched by the Division of Farming currently.

The Department of Agriculture has issued agricultural schemes so that the farmers can avail various schemes. The list is as follows.

OrderName of the scheme
1Other tools
2Agro Service / Provider Unit
3Combined harvester
Scheme to encourage farmers to increase crop value
6Groundnut digger
7Chaff cutter (engine /
electric motor operated)
8Chaff cutter (tractor
/ power operated)
11Paddy Transcend Planter (Self
12Plow (all types)
13Planter (other types)
14Animal powered sowing
15Crop Storage Structure (Godown)
16Power tiller
17Power thresher
18Potato Digger Machine Scheme
19Potato planter
20Post Harvest equipment
21Post Hall Digger
22Form Machinery Bank – Up
to 10 Lakh
23Form Machinery Bank – Up
to 25 Lakh
24Form Machinery Bank
(Selected District / Village)
25Brush cutter
27Man-operated site
(harvesting tool)
28Cargo vehicle
30Ripper / Binder (all types)
31Rotary Power Tiller
(Self Propelled) / Power Weeder
32Rotavator Assistance Scheme
33Land Leveler
34Laser Land Leveler
35Wheel Ho
36Sowing / automatic drill
37Winning fan
38Shredder / Mobile Shredder
40Smart Hand Tools Kit
41Hero (all types)
42High-tech, high productive
equipment hub
43Tractor operated sprayer
44Crop Protection Equipment –
Power powered
45Solar light trap
46Assistance on the purchase of a smartphone
47Pump sets
Plan to help build water tanks
49Water Carrying Pipeline

There are several sub-divisions under the Department of Agriculture and Co-operation. In which many plans for the year 2022-23 have been issued by the Horticulture Department. Farmers can take advantage of these various schemes to get good yield in horticulture. The following is the list of horticultural schemes 2022.

OrderName of horticulture schemeLinks
1GAP Certification Certification
(with structural inclusion)
Click Here
2Assistance for Intimate Intercropping Fruit CropsClick Here
3Support scheme for other aromatic cropsClick Here
4Pineapple (tissue) schemeClick Here
5Plan to make semi-lined mandap-vine vegetable
Click Here
6Eco friendly light trap schemeClick Here
7Evaporative / Low Energy Total Chamber
(Capacity 3 MT)
Click Here
8Plan for production unitClick Here
9In putas for perfume crops in oil palmClick Here
10Oilpam Fresh Fruit Banchish (FFB) support priceClick Here
11Plan for Oil Palm Plantation AreaClick Here
12Open pollinated crops schemeClick Here
Assistance scheme for cultivation of medicinal / aromatic crops
Click Here
New Distillation Unit Scheme for Medicinal Aromatic Crops
Click Here
15Help for tuber flowersClick Here
Assist in building a composting unit
Click Here
17Banana (Tissue) Assistance SchemeClick Here
18Raw porch tomato / chili and other
vegetable trellis scheme
Click Here
Planting material support to increase cashew cultivation area
Click Here
20Cold storage
(construction, expansion and modernization)
Click Here
21For technology induction
and modernization of cold chain
Click Here
22Cold chain management programClick Here
Assistance scheme to promote cold chain
Click Here
24Cold room (staggering) (capacity 20 MT)Click Here
25Greenhouse and Tissue Lab. Electricity rate assistanceClick Here
26For intensively cultivated
fruit crops – mango, guava, pomegranate, lemon
Click Here
27Strengthening of ongoing tissue culture labClick Here
28Scattered flowersClick Here
29Renovation of old gardens
with canopy management
Click Here
30Tractor (up to 30 PTO HP)Click Here
31Tractor mounted / operated sprayer
(above ૩૫BHP) / electrostatic sprayer
Click Here
32Tractor mounted / operated sprayer (less than 20 BHP)Click Here
33Tools, equipment, shorting / grading tools,
PHM tools (plastic crates with tools like weighing scales, packing materials,
shorting / grading machinery)
Click Here
34Assistance in the cultivation of tissue culture KharekClick Here
35DRI Irrigation National Mission on
Oilseed and Oilpam (HRT-6)
Click Here
36Water tanks for drip irrigationClick Here
37Diesel / Electric / Petrol P5 Set-
(OilPam HRT-6)
Click Here
38Assistance to Goddess-worshiping farmers in watermelon, melon and
vegetable seeds
Click Here
39Stem flowers (cut flowers)Click Here
40Nethouse – Support for cylindrical structuresClick Here
Support for improving nursery infrastructure
Click Here
42Assistance for setting up of new tissue culture labClick Here
43Assistance for small nursery (1 ha)Click Here
Assistance to exporters for irradiation of horticultural crops
Click Here
45Bird / hail protection net assistance schemeClick Here
46Packhouse (3 x 2 m.)Click Here
47Papaya crop planClick Here
48Primary / Mobile /
Minimal Processing Unit
Click Here
49Pre Cooling Unit (Capacity 3 Tons)Click Here
50Plug nursery planClick Here
51Location of Plant Health ClinicClick Here
52Plantation crops (cashew and cocoa)Click Here
Assistance Scheme for Import of Planting Material
Click Here
54MulchingClick Here
55Plans for plastic tunnelsClick Here
56Plastic mulch laying machineClick Here
57Pusa Zero Energy Total
Chamber (100 kg)
Click Here
58Paddle of lined pavilion-vined
Click Here
59Power Tiller (less than ૮ BHP)Click Here
60Power Tiller (over ૮ BHP)Click Here
61Power Knapsack Sprayer / Power Operated
Taiwan Sprayer (16-17 L. Capacity)
Click Here
62Power Knapsack Sprayer / Power Operated
Taiwan Sprayer (Capacity over 15L)
Click Here
63Power Knapsack Sprayer / Power Operated
Taiwan Sprayer (5-12 L Capacity)
Click Here
64For planting material of
roses and lilies growing in poly house / shadenet house and for farming expenses.
Click Here
For carnation and gerbera planting material grown in poly house / shadenet house and
for farming expenses
Click Here
66Polyhouse (Naturally Ventilated) –
For cylindrical structures
Click Here
67Assistance for soilless culture in polyhouse / nethouseClick Here
68For planting material and cultivation cost of
orchids and anthurium grown in polyhouse / shadenet house
Click Here
For planting material and cultivation cost of high value vegetables grown in polyhouse
Click Here
70Functional Infrastructure (Collection, Shorting / Grading, Packing
Units etc. as well as Quality Control / Analysis Laboratory)
Click Here
71Assistance scheme to provide
free umbrella / shade cover to small sellers to prevent spoilage of fruits and vegetables
Click Here
To purchase hybrid seeds of fruit / vegetable crops
Click Here
73Assistance in Fruit Planting MaterialClick Here
74Fruit Planting
(for Dang District – HRT-10)
Click Here
75Fruits like Dwaksha,
Kiwi, Passion Fruit etc.
Click Here
Assistance in packing materials under post harvest management of horticultural products
Click Here
77Assistance for new horticultural crop processing
Click Here
Assistance in water soluble fertilizers in horticultural crops
Click Here
79Location of Bio Control LaboratoryClick Here
For production of bee mass by B breeder
Click Here
81Borewell / Tube Well / Water Harvest Structure
/ Lake (OilPam: HRT-6)
Click Here
82Bee colonyClick Here
83Bee Hive PlanClick Here
84Manual sprayer – Knapsack /
Foot operated sprayer
Click Here
85Machinery and Tools National
Mission on Oilseed and Oilpam (HRT-6)
Click Here
86Spice Crops
(Seed Spices and Rhizometic Spices)
Click Here
87Mobile Prefilling UnitClick Here
88Refrigerated Transport VehicleClick Here
89Ripping chamber
(capacity 500 mt)
Click Here
90Retail Market /
Outlet (Environment Controlled)
Click Here
91Land Development Tillage and
Seed Bed Preparation Equipment
Click Here
92Location of LiftSu Analysis
Click Here
93For low cost onion
storage structure (capacity 3 MT)
Click Here
94Low cost preservation unitClick Here
Fruits other than fruit crops with higher cultivation costs
Click Here
96Aromatic crops with higher cultivation cost
(Pacholi, Geranium, Rosemary etc.)
Click Here
97Vermi compost / organic input production unitClick Here
Assistance in Planting Materials Produced from Tissue Culture for Vine Vegetables
Click Here
99Sowing, planting, harvesting and
excavation equipment
Click Here
100Walk in tunnels schemeClick Here
101Integrated cold chain supply systemClick Here
102Integrated pack house with conveyor belt, shorting,
grading unit, washing, drying and weighing
facility (size 8m x 15m)
Click Here
103Static / Mobile Vending Cart /
Platform with Cooling Chamber
Click Here
104Assistance for strawberry cropClick Here
105Organic Product CertificationClick Here
106Organic Farming
(Program with Certification)
Click Here
107Assistance for span making unitClick Here
108Assistance in Sargwani farmingClick Here
109Self-operated horticultural machinery assistanceClick Here
110Honey extractor (૪ frame),
food grade container (30 kg),
net for beekeeping equipment
Click Here
Light assistance for the export of horticultural products by air
Click Here
112Hi-tech greenhouse (fan and pad)Click Here
113Hi-Tech Nursery (3 ha.)Click Here
Assistance for cultivation of hybrid watermelon and sugar cane
Click Here
115Hybrid Seed Assistance SchemeClick Here

Documents Required For ikhedut Portal Online Registration

Gujarat ikhedut Portal has a lot of online application for farming schemes for farmers. Some documents are required for online application. Out of which general documents are given as under.

  • Copy of farmer land 7-12
  • Tribal Land Record if a resident of a forest area
  • Ration Card
  • Copy of Aadhar Card
  • Bank account passbook
  • If Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) Certificate
  • Certificate of Disability if applicant is disabled (if any)
  • Consent form of other stakeholder in case the farmer’s land is joint account holder
  • Details if the soul has registration
  • Details if the farmer is a member of the co-operative society
  • If a member of the Milk Producers Association

Online Process of iKhedut Portal Yojana

I Farmer Portal has been created by Gujarat Department of Agriculture and Co-operation. It is very easy to apply online. You can also fill out the Ikhedut Online Form yourself. The e-farmer portal will provide step by step information on how to apply online.

  • The farmer has to type ‘ ikhedut Portal.in
  • Open the official website https://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in/ in the page that appears in Google Search Result .
  • Click on ” Scheme ” after opening I-Farmer website.
  • In which, after clicking on the scheme, to open the “Agriculture Schemes” at No. 1.
ikhedut portal gujarat 2022 yojana list |  I Farmer Portal Scheme 2022 |  I Farmer Portal |  khedut i portal 2022 |  ikhedut Portal Online Arji
Image Credit- ikhedut Portal,Government of Gujarat
  • Now after opening “Agriculture Scheme” where currently a total of 49 schemes will be shown.
  • In which you have to click on the scheme you want to avail.
  • After reading the complete information of the scheme, you have to open the website by clicking on “Apply”.
  • Are you now a registered applicant farmer? In which if you have already registered then you have to select “Yes” .
Online Process of Ikhedut Portal Scheme |  ikhedut portal 2022 |  i khedut |  ikhedut 2022 |  i khedut 2022 |  i khedut portal |  i khedut portal 2022 |
Image Credit- ikhedut Portal,Government of Gujarat
  • If registered by the applicant, after entering Aadhar Card and Mobile Number, Captcha Image has to be submitted.
  • If you have not registered, you will have to proceed by saying “No” .
  • Now you have to apply for the scheme as requested in the online form.
ikhedut |  ikhedut portal Online Application |  ikhedut portal gujarat 2022 |  ikhedut portal 2022 scheme list |  ?
Image Credit- ikhedut Portal,Government of Gujarat
  • Application should be saved after filling the information in the online form with complete accuracy .
  • Beneficiary farmers will have to check the details again and confirm the application .
  • No correction will be made after the online application is confirmed.
  • The farmer will be able to get the print based on the application number.

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