My go India Donald Trump

‘Now the White house of manager Mr. Donald Trump defense the team will be each have been 18 hours across the two days of present by their own argument, the U.S President Mr. Donald Trump was the impeached by U.S white house of Representatives at the last month for incitement of insurrection into relation by the U.S Capitol riot’.

‘However, the Republican of Democratic leaders into U.S senate have been agreed to the timeline for the second impeachment that is trial at former of President Mr. Donald Trump beginning onto Tuesday of the senate is the majority by the Leader of Chuck Schumer as on the announced’.

‘As on the timeline of providers by four days of arguments at evenly by divided between U.S House of Representative managers who have will be prosecuted at the impeachment of charges will be against the former of president U.S House Mr. Donald Trump defense are lawyers Schumer by said onto the Monday’.

‘All the parties have been agreed to structure will be that ensures is fair of the honest senate by impeachment at the trial of the former as on president, however, the U.S Representative of impeached by Mr. Donald Trump last of a month for the incitement by insurrection at his role of people by whipping at the mob of supporters which has been attacked the U.S Capitol riot onto the 6th January, Mr. Donald Trump, through by his lawyers is trying to denying by the charge’.

‘Whatever the terms of the timeline by announced at Schumer of House manager at Mr. Donald Trump defense the lawyers will be each has been 17 hours at the across of two days as onto present of their respective by arguments, whenever the senate by will be taken of a break for the Sabbath beginning is always try to sunset onto the Friday of return no sooner by than the Sunday at afternoon to complete by this work Schumer said it’.

‘Early at the next week off after my original initial as an argument of completed are Senate from plans to the debate of deciding is whether of to call witnesses from including potentially at Mr. Donald Trump himself before of the trial by can to do the brought as close of Schumer said it now again’.

‘However, the Republican by leader Mitch McConnell said at the agreed from the timeline as preserves due to the process by rights from of both sides would have been giving at senators from ample time to the review by the case of arguments, how long it’s the take of Mr. Donald Trump lawyers of insisting at the former of the president did not it incite is a riot at the U.S Capitol last months have been argued is that of impeachment at the House of Representative should have been dismissed at the senate of this week’.

‘Now the Mr. Donald Trump is lawyers are insisting at the former of president did not by incite is Capitol riot from to the U.S Capitol riot as an the last month have been argued that his by impeachment of House at the Representative of should have been dismissed as on the Senate of this week’.

‘As on the pre-trail of brief at filed by onto the Monday Mr. Donald Trump as legal team by Bruce castor is on the David Schoen offered as robust by response as to the House of Democrats


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