Joe Bidens

‘Now the despite tough at stance onto the migration by Mr. Donald Trump had been twice the extended at protection for Syrian on the due date at the ongoing by conflict, as that fact by the administration of President-elect Joe Biden onto Friday extended of deportation are relief from several at thousands Syrian by immigrants are living into U.S States more-over than the aligns with his own broader of pro immigrants of the platform’.

‘As the administration of President-elect Joe Biden onto Friday by extended the deportation of relief are several on thousands at the Syrian immigrants living into U.S an early of more that is aligns with his broader of pro immigrants platforms, An acting by the Homeland by our security Secretary David Pekoske said it now the temporary protected status from known as the TPS would has been extended for 19 months it was the expiration onto 31st March’.

‘On this action by enabling are over the 6800 eligible of Syrian nationals are individuals without any nationality who has been last resided into Syria from retaining to their the TPS through of September 2022 are allowed to the approximately from 1900 additional individuals files are initial applications at obtaining such as status of according to announcement’.

‘Whenever the temporary status is allowed to foreign of citizens at stay by into the U.S if they are likely to lack of someone other are legal by residency come from to country that meets certain criteria that by makes the dangerous of returns, as a renewal of order by covers from Syrian citizens, and people has been without the others nationalists from who has been last together’.

‘However, the Pekoske said it the Syrian continues to meet that is there of criteria because of civil at war he has been criticized that are factors as that included are deliberated of targeting as civilian by the use of chemical weapons are scarcity is the food of water, now the Joe Biden president-elect who has been taking it on the 20th January are pledged at embrace onto more of welcoming by the approach of refugees together at immigrants are stance by contrasts of with hardline is policies from former of Republican President Mr. Donald Trump who has been rolled outback of many to many humanitarian are protections’.

‘At that Mr. Donald Trump the last president of U.S sought of to phase that is out is the enrollment into T.P.S program at the immigrants from central Americans from other countries by the stymied are legal at the challenge of despite his tough are stance in his administration as the twice are extended by protections for Syrian due to the ongoing of armed by conflict the limited at access to medical care into the country by Mr. Donald Trump as an, however, the applicants are into the program, now the Joe Iden is also pledged of granted by T.P.S into immigrants from Venezuela due to the economy of conditions by that is our country although of Mr. Donald Trump had been pre-empted that is a move of providing on to the protection whatever through is similar of program before at the last of his left to the office’.


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