Justin Trudeau

‘However, the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau says to the government will be introduce by mandatory of testing at the airports on off people for returning at the Canada P.M Justin Truedeau says the country will be require to tests for those are arriving into country’.

‘At the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has been announced the stricter of restrictions onto travellers as the response new of likely more than then contagious of variants are novel virus-19 including by the making at mandatory for travellers to the quarantine into hotel at their of own expensive when they are arrive into Canada by suspending of airline to service Mexico are call Caribean destination at until 30th April’.

‘Whenever the Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said onto Friday in addition at the pre-boarding of the test into Canada already requires of government will be introducing at mandatory are testing by the airport for peoples returning at to Canada, now the travellers will then have to wait for up to these are days at an approved into a hotel for their tests results at their own by expenses which have been expected to be more than the $3000 Justin Trudeau said it’.

‘In those days with the negative test are results will be then to be able of quarantine at the home under significantly are increased by the surveillance at enforcement, at the steep of cost for a hotel by stay are includes the cost for a private test at security food of cost as measures by the designated of hotels will have been to take the keep there are workers safe’.

‘As the prime minister said at those are with the positive tests will be made immediately required to quarantine into designated by the government of facilities to make sure they are not carrying the variants of particular are a concern, Justin Trudeau said at the government of Canada main airline have been agreed to suspended by service some of the destination rights away he said the Airline Canada an Air Transat are canceling by air services to all of the Caribbean of destination is Mexico starting from Sunday at until by 30th April’.

‘Now he making by the arrangements of their by customers at currently are on a trip into these are regions by the organization of their return flights Justin Trudeau said it, he has said it the starting from next week at by all international flights as must are land at the following of four airports’.

‘Whenever also will be into coming off the weeks by requiring at nonessential are travelers at to show the negative tests is before the entry land of the border with the U.S we are working not the stand up of additional were the testing requirements for the land travel’.

‘Whatever Canada has been already to require of those to entering by country myself of 15 days by the present are a negative virus-19 test to taken from within of three days at before the arrival, how to move the require of the hotel to stay upon the return would be discouraged at vacation as the possibility of would not be want to have been quarantined at the hotel by there are own expenses upon the return from home’.

‘It has been excellent at the shame of late by something at they could have been done the age of Dr. Andrew Morris Professor of infection are disease by the University of Toronto at medical directory from Antimicrobial Stewardship of Program at the Sinai University of Health network, More-ever than the government is thinking byways of aggressive at the cause of new variants by delays in the vaccine of challenges with the getting are population from vaccinated are strained onto the health-care from systems’.


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