Iraqi Anger growth

‘Now the Iraqi Leaders are postpone by parliamentary from elections are fearing by public at discontent would be lead to their are removal by from the power of analyst with the ties are government to says that the prime minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi as the President of Barham Salih are speaker at Parliament M. al Halbusi of wanted by the later vote of over at concerns about their the prospects for re-elect are sought buy the time of said it M. Bakhtiar at the Kurdish by political from analyst who has been meet-ups with the Iraqi decision from makers’.

‘However, the at least from two or three leaders by Iraq who has been favored are early together at the election from realized by that is there are chances of being re-elected of minimal Bakhtiar said it now, Into the bid of delay is the election of three Iraqi leaders where we have been to met of in 12th January at the later of United nations from Assistance mission from Iraq as an election commission from officials by told the ‘My-India’.

‘As that effect by the request from Iraq Independent high election commission is government at last week of announced from postponement that is the country of election from 6th June at the 10th October, now the Bakhtiar has been said it now was the unlikely man of the vote would be take off place into October start at the suggested by May of 2022 was more likely together it’.

‘Whatever the source of close by the Iraqi government of said it at the date of October for elections will behold on there is no formal of intentions that are postponed by the election into October since such as the step is very difficulty are legally by politically told the ‘My-Go-India’.

‘Whenever he has been added if the Iraq witness by very tenses of situation for example that are protectors from take to the streets of assassination are resume/ by military of escalations is happen from within the Iraqi then by the holding at election would have been taken of impossible, at the offices by of three Iraqi leaders were by the contacted at comment has no response was received the time of publication’.

‘Now there is the election of delay has been received are chilly response from many to many Iraqi demanding by political of changes as the Mass of demonstrations began of into October 2019 with the hundreds of thousands by taken to the streets by oil of rich country is protect from against at lack of economic by opportunities are endemic of corruption and the foreign from interferences’.

‘Nothing has been good from the three Iraqi leaders they have been made by the several shiny promises as to us but it did not fulfil of anything is Ahmad Talan at the age of 25 years old from Kurdish owner of by the minimarket as in Sulaimaniyah told the ‘My-go-India’.

‘However, we have been a many miseries of struggle by the earn is my daily at the bread can’t get the married can’t have been good of education even is though of my work as full at the time, Bakhtiar Mahmoud as the former of editor by Iraqi presidency of website said the ruling of elites are only out of the self preservation’.

‘At the aim’s of Iraqi ruling are political by parties from general Iraqi are three from presidencies by the particular at prolonging from their the grip of power is by protecting at the personal interests of behinds from their positions he has been told the ‘My-go-India’.

‘Now the Iraqi leaders are to too weak has been nothing to the new Iraqi since are the habit from corruption authorization as increasing the extending by the time of there is own interests from because of they would be failure are lost is any chance of re-election, at the young Sunni Arab truck driver from the Baghdad now he is living into Suaimaniyah said as the university graduate he has been searched for the job as in his field by the study for eight years ago’.

‘Whenever the Diliman Abdulkader of co-founder is a directory by the American Friends from Kurdistan told the ‘My-go-India’ are as ongoing to the confrontation between the Iran and, the U.S was has been also the factor of stoking is resentment are among of Iraqi’.

‘Whatever the U.S vs Iran is continue to the battle of influence into Iraq political of sphere similar the previous of election by dwindling for the U.S as in Iraq, by the U.S must at to sure of it’s a diplomatic tie to strong enough of counter Iran said it Abdulkader’.

‘As that are both the sides of weaker in this time around of Iraqi youth are demanding by they were the control of there is own country are distant from there is foreign of intervention at there are demanded by met of we can do it more is the protests into upcoming by months we may have been also witness is slight of ease are tensions between the U.S, and Iran has been two sides of renegotiating as the nuclear deal’.


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