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‘Whatever the day of trader attack on Gabe Plotkin six years old by Melvin Capital has been shifted the balance of power in equity markets in ways that would have seemed unimaginable only of months ago, the explosive of growth in the retail day at trading powered by platforms like the Robinhood trading app like forums wallstreetbets has been turned the old order on its head’.

‘At the first sign of trouble for a hedge fund as the wunderkind of Gabe Plotkin came into late October as a poster on the Reddit popular wallstreetbets forum was taking by aim at his wildly successful investment firm’.

‘However, the GME Squeeze as the demise of Melvin Capital wrote the user of Stonksflygup referring to stock the ticker of GameStop corporation and Plotkin 12.5 Billion firm of before long away very-forest-green weight in Melvin Capital New Short Attack then the Melvin and GME to the moonlight’.

‘So it’s was the table of turned on the wall street at the hedge fund at start suddenly found by himself at the mercy of day trading Reddit by bros who have been become one of the most powerful/ improabable forces in the stock at market today the attack on Plotkin six years old Melvin Capital shifted at the balance of power in ways that would have been seemed the unimaginable only for months ago By the Wednesday of firm had been capitulated at the amateurs covered by GameStop at short’.

‘Now the explosion of growth in the retail day by trading powered the platforms like the Robinhood trading app and the forum of like wallstreetbets has been turned the old order on its head Melvin Capital mistake if it can be called that was leaving of footprints behind the scene marketplace, as the Reddit users were able to identify stocks that are Melvin was the wagering against then by of those en masse unleashing at violent run-up into prices of that is turned by Melvin winning bet into the loser’.

‘One of the most steep were at the losses about 31% through the last week that was Melvin on the Monday turned to billionaire hedge fund founders at Ken Griffin and Steve Cohen Plotkin former boss to shore up the firm, At the top of Tuesday funds losses had been increased the even with portfolio repositioning though the investors would not be say by the exactly how much for fear at angering by the money manager which they were expect can be still fight it’s way of back’.

‘As the representative for the firm of declined by comment on performance other than the saying at portfolio had been repositioned in the past few of days at the social media posts about Melvin Capital going to bankrupt are categorically false of Melvin Capital is focused on generating high quality risk on adjusted the return for our investors and we hare going to appreciative of their support’.


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